NCP on ODroid fails, Redis.conf corrupted

Nextcloud version _NCP
Operating system and version Debian 9 on ODroid
Apache 2.4
PHP version 7.3

Appliance has been running quite stable for appx 4 months now, with occasional power outages. Recently had to replace a failed power strip, and upon restart NCP would not load the login page, giving the dreaded “Internal Server Error”. The short story here is that Redis fails to start. Upon trying to manually start redis, it fails with a config file error. The journalctl was showing it was failing on redis.conf

However redis.conf is completely trashed - all binary garbage.
Top of file looks like:

with a number of pages of trash, and even a reference to /dev/urandom near the end.

IS there a way of rebuilding the redis.conf so I can do a backup / rebuild / restore of the appliance? I am unable to do a backup since the php scripts all check to see if redis is running before starting.

Second, has anyone performed an upgrade from NextCloud PI to a traditional NextCloud instance? I think I’m also wanting to move back to a larger (read: faster) server.


Looks like you have not updated for some time?!
Please share output of ncp-report via pastbin or similar, if need/want assistance. Debian 9 and PHP7.3 seem odd!

Dont know about redis, I could provide a copy of mine, if that helps.

There is no difference between NCP and NC as far as Nextcloud itself is concerned. The P stands for a set of tools that allow users with little to no experience in setting up and maintaining a Linux server and all the NC related services and its security.

If you have backups its relatively simple (and documented how) to restore an instance to new hardware.
If not, but you still have your files on disk, I’d just start a fresh instance and upload files via client.
Or copy files to server, and in NCP: run nc-fix-permissions and nc-scan.
If you are not using NCP for your fresh install, you’d have to use chmod and occ in a terminal.

NCP was the pull from only 6 months ago; debian’s stock repo on Stretch of php is 7.0, which doesn’t work on NCP, so the 7.3 was the next suggested version. I started the team out on the little odroid appliance just to see if they liked the platform (which they did, of course).
I ended up finding someone who had posted their redis.conf file from an NCP install (stock redis.conf doesn’t work and a redis.conf for NC-server doesn’t work either, btw), and massaged it a little to work with the odroid setup. No idea how that file got corrupted, but once re-instated, NCP came back to life. The nextloud instance was fully backed up, but redis.conf is not in the scope of the backups…