NCP on a RockPro64


You are right I tried to boot without the drives connected and all seemed to work fine. I then tried to connect the SATA drives but NCP couldn’t recognize them.

Is there a way to file a feature request?


take this to the Armbian forums. I would try their latest image first


I am having the same issue with Armbian. Have not had time yet to do some research and troubleshooting. Will post here once I have more details.

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Thanks @Jeffrey_Frederick


Just wanted to add some personal data points to this thread:

I purchased a RockPro64 with the NAS enclosure and their PCIe to SATA card. After flashing the current NCP image (dated March 10, 2019) for the RockPro64, I was unable to get the board to boot with a hard drive attached to the PCIE SATA card.

With just the SATA card plugged in, and no HDD attached to it, the board would boot normally, I could access the NCP web interface and everything worked as expected. I connected a screen to the board, and on the terminal with dmesg I could see the SATA card being detected, and there were messages about the PHYs shutting down, presumably because nothing was attached to them. Attaching a hard drive (I tried several, including SSDs and HDDs) to the SATA card always resulted in the boot never completing, and instead of the normal boot messages being displayed, the screen just showed something to the effect of “Please wait, loading build ###” (I forgot to write down the exact message). I let it sit for several minutes and the boot did no proceed past this point.

I then loaded the latest ( Armbian Bionic image, and with that I was able to boot with a hard drive attached, see the SATA device, and mount it as expected. Because that worked, I then loaded the latest Armbain Stretch image, and that too booted with a hard drive attached, and I was able to mount and use the SATA device as expected.

Since the latest Armbian Stretch worked with the SATA card, I then ran the NCP install script. After it completed, I was still able to boot with a hard drive attached to the SATA card, and I got the full NCP web interface as expected, and everything, including the SATA devices, appears to be working.

So perhaps whatever was causing the problem in the RockPro64 for NCP has since been fixed in the latest Armbian? The only reason I question that is because it looked like the “latest” RockPro64 Armbian Stretch image was generated in February, which would have been before the March NCP image was created, so I would assume they’d be using the same thing under the hood? I can do some more testing of whatever would be helpful to get the NCP image for the RockPro64 working with the SATA expansion card “out of the box”, rather than having to go the Armbian Image + Install script route. Let me know, thanks!


We’ll create a new release soon based on the latest Armbian so that should fix the issue.

Thanks for the heads up`


@nachoparker, That’s great news! I have not had a chance to get back to my RockPro64 since I last tried it. @joshuawhitehead’s post is EXACTLY what I’ve been seeing. Sounds like the Armbian update will fix my issues.

Thanks again for your work on NextCloudPI!

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