NCP on a RockPro64

@nachoparker, I just ordered a RockPro64 and the NAS case. Have you given any though to “officially” supporting that board?

I am still deciding on whether to use Armbian or Ayufan’s Debian images for this purpose. Thoughts?

If I do choose Armbian, do you recommend installing NCP via armbian-config or using your install script?

I can definitely create images but I don’t own the board, so if you are willing to test the image I can generate one for you

hey jeffery, what exactly did you order? and how much was it?

Here it is, please test this image

Ok, I’ve downloaded it. My Order was supposed to ship today from China. Hopefully I have it in a week or so. Will let you know when I receive my RockPro64.


I ordered the 4GB RockPro64, the NAS case, the Case Fan, the tall heatsink, the 5A power supply, a 64GB eMMC card and the PCI SATA card. All totaled around US $200.

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k. sound like the setup i was thinking about.
i’m curious to get to know about your experiences with it…

I will let you know. It was supposed to ship from China yesterday so I hope to have it soon.

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@nachoparker I want to test the image, too. Can you provide it for me, please.

let us know how it goes

thanks! I will try it on the weekend.

@nachoparker It is working like a charme! Great work!
Don’t know if I should open another thread or if can ask here what to do for moving from my old pi to the rockpro with a new hdd.
My thoughts are: full backup the old instance; put the old hdd in the rockpro, mount it and then just restore the backup.

great! yes, backup and restore sounds good, I think there’s good info here

My RockPro64 doesn’t boot up. I md5 checksummed the file and it is proper. I also formatted the SD Card and flashed with Etcher. I tried different RJ45 cables but with no luck. I can hear the drives run but I can’t find the RockPro64 on my network.

After some trying around with pwr and reset buttons it finally started. But now it is stuck somewhere.

do you have the same revision as @Christian_Schulte_ge ?

Do you mean hardware revision? I can’t find what @Christian_Schulte_ge has.

I will look what mine is… Should it be printed on the board itself?

My setup:
2*3TB HDD connected via SATA

My boards says: “RockPro64 V2.1 2018-07-02”.

I used “dd” like described in the documentation. Like this a white text says: “starting version 232”. I think this is GRUB. When I then push the reset button I see all the text going down to some point where it stucks again.

Do you want me to take a video?

no need, well this is experimental even in Armbian. Maybe try to install their latest image and get NCP from there

my version is 2.1 2018-06-06
But I only have one external 2TB HDD on the USB 3 port.