NCP on a Mini PC (Linux / Ubuntu)?

Does NextcloudPi work on a Mini PC (Linux / Ubuntu)?

Thank you.

  • On Mini PC, yes
  • On Ubuntu, yes, but only when using docker or VM

NCP is based on Debian 10, you can use the curl installer if you decide to install minimal Debian 10 (Buster) NextCloudPi Documentation | Keep Your Data Close

Thank you for the fast reply.

So transferring my NCP / NC setup incl. all data from a RPi4 directly to a Mini PC with Ubuntu should work?

No need to change any settings (router etc.) ?

Thank you

You will have to change the internal IP for forwarding ports 80/443

That depends on what you are using (installed from what source) ?
In theory you can migrate NC from and to any harware, but in practice, things are not always straightforward when changing from one platform to another.

If you are on NCP, use the ncp tools to make backups and restore them unto a running instance on your new hardware running basic Debian 10.

NCP does not support or run on Ubuntu natively. changing platform and moving to Docker is possible, but not without additional steps .

On Linux, almost anything is possible, but not always easy unless you have (or willing to) acquired some expertise.

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