[NCP][OdroidHC4] Latest NCP image not booting / Bullseye not supported

Hi all,

I try to run NCP on an Odroid HC4 but can’t find a working image/distro. On Bullseye the curl installer tells me that bullseye is not supported and the prebuilt image from Index of /downloads/ doesn’t boot at all.
Does anyone know something about it?

Thanks in advance

Did you try the curl installer on buster?
The curl installer should work on buster.

Bullseye support is still in development.

On my Raspberry Pi 4 I’m running Raspberry Pi OS - Debian version: 11 (bullseye) and I have installed NCP via docker image (which is Buster - Debian version 10), It works for me, so maybe You could try the docker on your Odroid too.

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The curl installer tells me that buster 21.08.6 is not supported. Which is weird because I managed to install via curl installer one week ago.

That’s a pretty easy reason. In the middle of the last week nachoparker released the update to bullseye. Therefore there should be a warning that buster isn’t supported with the curl installer any more.
So your issue turned all the way around. Since last week bullseye is supported, buster is oldstable.

Alright, got it. I found the latest nextcloudpi image on ownyourbits.com dated 2022-03-01 and it’s booting and works! So my problem is solved and I’m satisfied again ;-).


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trying to make a new install, but it does not work root /1234 for access…
Which password did u use to use the armbian 22.05.0 -trunk bullseye?

Sorry, my notifications didn’t work. Disabled it some time ago (obviously). You solved your problem?