NCP nc-rsync to Openmediavault

Hey folks,
as longer as I run my NCP instance on my RPI4 the more I consider to include it in my backup setup.
Before any comments are going in the direction that a RPI is a risk at itself. Yes I know that.

Usually my backup stuff goes to my NAS which is a OMV instance.
Now i wanted to use nc-rsync to back up the data an send it directly onto the OMV, which is able to have a rsync server.
Unfortunately it doesn’t run because of two different reasons.

  1. I’m a DAU (expect the silliest user)
  2. I found no tutorial or blog which shows how it is done properly.

Therefore I kindly ask this community to share your experience with nc-rsync and OMV in this Thread.

At the moment my NCP knows that the rsync server ist there and running. But I have difficulties to establish the SSH connection.
And yes I read the docs and followed as good as possible the instruction (see point 1. why it isn’t running)

Thanks for all your help.