NCP - Missing programs (eg nc-datadir) in ncp-config


I am running NextcloudPi in a docker container and I’m missing a bunch of programs/scripts in ncp-config. I have no nc-datadir, no nc-database, no nc-ramlogs,…
Pretty much all the cool things found here

The localization files are present in /var/lib/docker/volumes/ncdata/_data/ncp/l10n on the pi and inside the docker container at /data/ncp/l10n/.
However, the scripts themselfs are missing. Following list represents the scripts I am seeing on the TUI (ncp-config) and web GUI

/var/lib/docker/volumes/ncdata/_data/ncp# ls -1

I deleted the docker volume already and downloaded the docker image again. I am on NextcloudPi version (v0.62.6).
Am i missing something here? (beside the scripts…) Is there an option I need to set so the scripts get downloaded?

Maybe you can give it a try with:

find . -type f -iname \*

My scripts are located in: /usr/local/etc/ncp-config.d/

Thank you. Unfortunately the script couldn’t be found using the find command nor are they located in the given folder. The rule errors out, I looked inside (docker exec -it nextcloudpi bash) and outside the docker container for the scripts.

Are the scripts not included in the docker container for some reasons?

some ncp-apps are not included because they make no sense in a docker container.

You can any volume you want, so you don’t need nc-datadir or nc-database, also it does not belong to a docker container to manage wifi or change the swap. You would have to do those things in the host

It would be really nice if the documentation explained the filesystem differences inside the Docker container, as I’ve been searching for default database information to be able to migrate to something other than SQLite