NCP - Loading pages in frontend takes up to several minutes

Recently, I installed NCP on a Raspberry Pi 4 with an SSD drive attached. Loading pages of the webinterface of nextcloud is incredibly slow and sometimes, it lasts several minutes to load a page.

While waiting, I observe the processes with top and some apache2 processes are doing something with less than 1% cpu. Then, when the page finally loads, php-fpm is kicking in.

I see that you tagged Docker, VM, NCP, and Snappy. Could you clarify which one you are using?

Hi! Thanks for your reply, I am using NCP.

Is your ssd powerd via usb? If so, try connecting it via a self powered usb hub.
Also, link to, output of ncp-report on pastebin or similar, could be useful.

I don’t have an external power source for the ssd. I will try to get an external power source via usb.

Is there any way to run ncp-report from the web interface or do you need to run it on the command line?

Yes, you need to run it from command line

Oliver, thank you for you hints!