NCP image with Raspbian Desktop?


Is there any chance of getting an NCP image with full desktop Raspbian posted for download or torrenting? I’ve read your instructions on the main/download page, and tried to wade through the code of your various installers, but it’s a bit over my head due to my lack of Linux chops (I’m still a Linux GN00b), so I’ve not been able to figure out how to generate one on my own.

I’ve installed the Lite version generally without issue, and in the past I’ve attempted adding the windowing environment to a Raspbian Lite installation, but somehow it never quite seems to be the same as starting from the full desktop install. It just makes me sleep a little better and feel more at peace with the world knowing I can VNC my way into my Nextcloud host, and I think it’s true that some tasks are just simpler and more straightforward using a windowed interface (especially for a Linux n00b like me). :grin:

– DL

I already have my hands full with the lite image and the docker container, so I am afraid there are no resources for that… unless somebody wants to take responsability for that and make it a contribution.

Fair enough – it would be great to have, but I understand that you have a lot on your plate. I haven’t had the opportunity to wrap my head around Docker yet, but from what I can gather, it sounds like that’s probably the way to go. Once I have Docker installed, I can just drop the ncp container into pretty much any existing installation (Lite or full PIXEL) and be off to the races with ncp and NC, is that correct?

exactly, you can follow the instructions here