NCP from rpi3 to rpi3B+: New installation neccessary or can i use the SD-Card from the rpi3 in the rpi3B+?

I installed NextcloudPlus on a raspberrypi3.
Now i upgraded to a raspberrypi3B+. Do i have to install the ncp-image again or can i use the SD-Card from the rpi3 in the rpi3B+?

There is only one image to download for all raspberrys but maybe there were made some changes while installing.

you can! just insert the SD card

Great. Thank you. It worked.
ncp is such a big help for me. Step by step I understand what i am doing. Feels so mich better than blind copying and pasting a how to without really knowing what you are doing. Thanks again…

Maybe i can ask another question here:
I would like to shutdown the nextcloud on my synology and use the ncp. What is the best way to move my data from synology to the rpi (ncp)?

Is it possible to use my android device? When i configure davdroid to the new nextcloud-adress, will it sync all the data or will it delete all the data because the ncp is stil empty?

Should i open a new thread?

sure, set up a new thread so other people with the same question can benefit :wink: