[NCP]DDNS_spDYN not working

Hi, I have a free Dynamic DNS account to access my Nextcloud from everywhere.

when I use the NextCloudPi Configuration tool to configure DDNS_spDYN it says:
[badauth] Not a valid username/password

when I try ‘the same’ with the spdnsUpdater.sh script, with the same hostname and updatetoken, everything works fine.

The Script is in

Is there a way to fix the NextcloudPi configuration tool to point to the correct script?

Thank you for your help.

Found the Bug in the etc/ncp-config.d DDNS_spDYN.sh

Line 112: “$INSTALLPATH”/spdnsUpdater.sh “$DOMAIN_” “$TOKEN_” “$IPv6_”
Here the update Script is called, but with 3 Parameters.
In the update Script is a line which checks all parameters, in case of 3 it will expect $DOMAIN_ $USERNAME $PASSWORD
There is no support for a IPv6 Parameter.

Solution: removed the “IPv6_” Parameter, everything works fine now. :slight_smile: