NCP console gives no "text-output"

Hello everyone,

since a couple of days I had a problem with my NCP Panel.

Normally you get a kind of “output-Text” on every action you do in the NCP Webpanel (for example turning the maintenance on gives a “console output” where you can read every step for the complete process).
But I didn’t get that output.
The console is blank. Only the green/red light is shown at the end. But there is no text.
I can’t tell you the exactly time when this issue been arrived…that’s the Problem… I don’t know the exacly changes I’ve done in that time until now.

Nextcloud version
NCP version is 1.46.7
PHP Version 7.4
Raspian OS 10.5.10 on a RPi 4
Webserver Apache2.

The normal nextcloud.log shows no problems. It runs extremly smooth. The only problem is the output on NCP.

Can someone tell me a couple of tips to resolve that issue ?

Greetz from the rainy Germany !

What does your nc-info look like?
I’d check ncp.log and try running through ncp-config in terminal.

Running nc-info
Gathering information…
NextCloudPi version v1.46.7
OS Raspbian GNU/Linux 10. 5.10.63-v8+ (aarch64)
automount yes
USB devices sda sdb
datadir /media/nc-clouddrive1/ncdata
data in SD no
data filesystem btrfs
data disk usage 1,4T/3,7T
rootfs usage 9,0G/29G
swapfile /var/swap
dbdir /var/lib/mysql
Nextcloud check ok
Nextcloud version
HTTPD service up
PHP service up
MariaDB service up
Redis service up
HPB service up
Postfix service up
internet check ok
port check 80 closed
port check 443 open
IP xx.xx.xx.xx
gateway xx.xx.xx.xx
interface eth0
NAT loopback no
uptime 12:15

You should enable dnsmasq to use your domain inside home
You should open your ports for Lets Encrypt and external access

Thats my nc-info.
I checked the ncp.log and there are all steps written in this file. But, i cant see this via the NC-WebPanel. i hope you know what i mean.