Ncp-config issues

New install on raspberry pi
this comes up
root@nextcloudpi:/home/pi# ncp-config
/usr/local/bin/ncp-config: line 16: source: /usr/local/etc/ cannot execute binary file
cat: /var/run/.ncp-latest-version: No such file or directory

any suggestions?

if that doesnt fix it try posting output of ncp-report via pastebin or similar.

also first run


this is the paste before the ncp-update

i’ll run now ncp-update

trying to do ncp-update

the output is pasted here
So you can see that when i tried updating it says no conectivity
but when i ping it says no data loss
am i reading something wrong here?

And here is a screen shot of the router interface showing nextcloudpi is connected and portforwarded

Looks like you have a failing sdcard to me or something went wrong downloading or burning the image …
Did you check the md5sum of the download or used torrent?
If md5sum okay, I’d try a new card.

Yeah I checked the md5 image seemed fine.
Ok new sd card.
Thanks for your help