Ncp -Blank App area in news app under chrome after update from 19.0.6 to 20.0.2

Hi, i have updated my ncp instance using the update nextcloud function from 19.0.6 to 20.0.2 without an issue, everything workes well, except of the news app, when i browse to the news app it loads an empty page (only the app content area) after showing these player controlls it always used to show on loading the news app. However, after i refresh the page news is loading normally. There is nothing to find about this in the nextcloud logs however and the problem seems to happen in chrome (desktop and android), but firefox works well. I am not totally sure, but iirc edge was ok as well.

Ok, seems this is a known problem with news app allready, allthou no fix in sight yet…

Hi, @FadeFx, would you nmind linking to the “known” issue you mentioned please?
My News app just stopped working the same way you describe yours did, with the workaround of reloading the page to get it to show itself. :thinking:
However, I mainly use the Android news app client, and the fact that it is not working anymore neither makes me wonder about the stability of my server-side app.
I’d like to follow the issue, but only could find your report.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

But this issue wont be fixed, as there is a rewrite of the ui in the making, so we need to wait for that.

However, the api, and thus the news android client should not be affected…