Ncp-backup location

Question - I use ncp-backup via cli to backup to remote nas.

Executing ncp-backup from the cli only creates backups in /media/USBdrive/ncp-backups, even when I edit /usr/local/bin/BACKUPS/ to set:


Should I point it to my desired destination some other way?

(note I am of course mounting the nas to /mnt first!)

Thank you

I think, You are not supposed to use it that way.

From terminal you should run

sudo ncp-config

Then enter BACKUPS and select nc-backup.
In the next screen you can set the destination directory.


Thanks! Here’s why I issue nc-backup from the cli…

I have a small script each week which mounts the NAS, then runs the backup, then unmounts the NAS. I don’t want to leave the NAS unnecessarily mounted if nextcloud doesn’t require it, and neither ncp-web nor ncp will auto-mount a nas share (obviously).

FWIW in 1.12.0 the location of nc-backup has moved from /usr/local/bin/BACKUPS/ to /usr/local/bin/nc-backup and editing destdir= in it has the desired effect again.

Was just curious @nachoparker where either ncp-config, or ncp-web pick up that destination directory info from?


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