NCP at Fosscomm 2021 - Let us know if you want specific points mentioned!

Continuing the discussion from FOSSCOMM 2021 (online conference) - Call for presentations and workshop suggestions:

This is happening. Our last talk was from the almighty nacho in 2017. We are now 5 years later! Please edit the wiki reply with any suggestions you have for topics, points or concepts to touch on over the last 5+ years of building the project and community! So much to discuss in just 30 minutes, plus Q&A! It’ll be a blast. We look forward to any suggestions!

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Wait, remember to mention _____ in the talk!

Edit this wiki and add your excellent thoughts! Or questions! The talk will end with open questions anyway. Thanks!

hmmm so much has happened… if we are talking features there are tons to mention (encryption, prometheus metrics, HDD health monitoring, security, faster previews come to mind, sure I am forgeting some.

When it comes to the community, many people stopped by to help with code, in the forums, documentation, translations and so on but not sure how I would focus this.

I guess that if you asked me about building a community I would say that initially it was the early enthusiasm what kept the ball rolling and kept me motivated. After that, it was the responsibility that the private data of so many people depended on me kept me going after the initial hype but there is a point where it is impossible to keep at it if you don’t have collaborators that filter for you here in the forums and on github, and help with support, documentation and so on, or you end up stretched out so thin in a volunteering activity that there is a very serious risk of burnout. People are 99.9999% thankful and nice and that feels good and keeps me going, and I hope that that’s how other collaborators also feel.

Now, about how to attract those to have a healthy project… don’t ask me. I wish we had a handful more long term devs so that I could feel that this thing doesn’t depend entirely on me. On the other hand, I was surprised by the amount of people willing to help the project and each other in other ways.

I hope that helps, feel free to take any or none of that :slight_smile:


I’ll do my best to help you out in the code with what I can once I’ve finished my education :grin:

Been looking through the issues on GitHub for a possible good first issue for me I believe I can solve

Having only one main developer is a huge risk and a few apps already died because of that. And the best way I think is to teach some people, especially in your rather large community, there should be people that would benefit from it (either to become more efficient, or even to gather new skills).

Don’t wait to have finished, you can always start with it. There are a lot of shell scripts, that is something extremely useful if you work with servers, and even with Linux in general.

Thank you, yes I am already working with it a little bit :slight_smile: but it is also an issue of having time, studying for a university degree while simultaneously working a full-time job takes up a lot of time :sweat_smile:

If you have any suggestions however for something that might be suitable in the NCP issues, I’d be glad to take the suggestion :slight_smile: been looking through the GitHub issues for something, but a mix of not enough time and not feeling confident enough have kinda made it not happen yet. So a suggestion is very welcome, might help me get started with something at least

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The best is if you have something, you are interested yourself. A new function you fancy, a bug that is bothering you etc. Then try to do step by step, if you are unsure or need some help, I think it’s no problem to ask people.

That is true

Well, I have been thinking about making an app with libretranslate perhaps or integrate it somehow :slight_smile:


That supports Discourse! Would make a great addition to the forum as it claims to translate all categories on it’s Github readme. @rakekniven

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besides the focus on cummunity you might also want to answer the question why NCP is still relevant.

Many things changed and NC is integrating more and more features, if i’m not mistaken NC 23 will bring a backup feature.

So to ask the heretical question:
why would anyone still need NCP?

Makes total sense. I can absolutely talk about that all freakin’ day. Easy enough for a short answer. :face_with_monocle:
Keep any and all suggestions a rollin’

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