NCP: Anyone seeing 17.0.3 for nextcloudpi already?

It has been almost a month since 17.0.3 was released but the ncp updater still only finds 17.0.2. Anyone already seeing 17.0.3 on thei rnextcloudpi installation?


I updated to version 17.03 two weeks ago with the nextcloudpi updater. Joined the right update channel (stable - not production)?

AFAIK for normal users there is only stable and beta available. The nextcloud updater shows 17.0.3 as available. It also shows that the nextcloudpi app is not available for 17.0.3.

The nextcloudpi updater (web) claims that there is no new version available. This I am kind of stuck.

I noticed the same. NCP (understandably) seems to be lagging behind on NC version updates. Since my NCP installation went nuts a few days ago (resulting in Nextcloud suddenly removing most of my files) I decided to take it offline and migrate to a more powerful setup which supports vanilla Nextcloud.

The Nextcloud is the same, it’s just that this is a prepared image for Raspberry. Performance is not the best, however

this should not happen either. Well, without more information it is difficult to tell what happened. Updating the software can be critical due to error in the code but also problems in the update routine or the operator, so it is recommended to do backups before. And if there are problems, I’d like to know more so that it won’t happen again next time (either the bug is fixed or I improve my routine).

Fixed with ncp 1.21.0