Ncp Admin Account password not changed for Panel


I have installed the NextCloudPI and skipped the password change option in the wizard at the beginning.

Now I have the problem (beside some others in my other posts) that I cannot change the “ncp” password for the panel. The password for the “ncp” user is changed for the NC web frontend to access the files etc. but for accessing the administration panel it is still the automatically generated one, which I luckily have saved in my installation documentation.

The response on the panel indicates that everything would have been changed.

[ nc-admin ]
Successfully reset password for ncp

The configuration page shows the correct password, too, if you click on the “eye”.

Does anybody has an clue what to do?

Installation was using the NCPi Image (15.0.1) on an Raspi2 with the data folder on an external USB Drive. Upto now I have installed the updates to Version 15.0.2 and today 15.1.0. I had the issue with all versions.

Thank’s for your help.

There is no option to skip passwords, they are automatically generated by default.

nc-admin -> Nextcloud password
nc-passwd -> ncp-web password

This is all in the documentation