NCP 1.51.0 - why no NC 25.0.3?

My NCP instance these days did an auto update to v1.51.0.
It is also set to auto update the NC versions.

What I do not understand is the logic of this.

In the same night as going to NCP 1.51.0 it did update NC to version

When I look into the NCP release notes:

I seem to read that NCP 1.51 should support NC 25.0.3 now.

But from inside NCP I only read that there is a nonsupported NC 24.0.9 available.

So what about NC 25?

Maybe in the next night?

If you want to run the update manually, run ncp-config and select nc-update.

Thanks, I now forced the update via ncp-config now.

But there was already a night or two where the auto update should have picked it up I think.

Just for curiosity
I do this from wen ui on 4443 port
But are there cli command too?
Is yes, how can I use?

Use the command ncp-config to get in the CLI

Hey Gorf, could you mark your answer as the solution. So if others have the same question, they are able to find it

If your question is if you can update via the WebUI on port 4443, the answer is YES. Just select NC-Update there. :slight_smile: Sorry if I misunderstand you, in that case REAPERSbattlecry is already enough.

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I’ve one question
after update in the web page in the app area on the top of the page there is a missed icon the have the same function of the circle icon on the left

How to clear it?

That is the logo you assigned to your nextcloud.
Can be changed and modified at the design part of admin settings of the nextcloud

I now marked it as requested.

But this only answers the indirect question on “how to get the newest version”.

It doesnt address the “bug” that the autoupdate function of NCP seems to ignore the newest NC version it is advertising as supported. If it is no bug, but a feature then I’d miss any explanation, why it behaves the way it does.

Any idea?