NCDownloader: Aria2 and youtube-dl not working


the app ( is not working. Aria2 and youtube-dl not installed (and not included).
How do I set this up?


You need to install Aria2 and youtube-dl in your system. apt install aria2 youtube-dl if you are using Ubuntu

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Thanks…Thats all? No more configuration?:slight_smile:

Yes. that’s all you need to do. no further configuration

Thanks, installed Aria2 and youtube-dl on ubuntu.
Http downloads => working
Youtube Downloads => not working

Saving all Downloads to /Downloads as in the presets=> not working, file cannot be found in the nextcloud file structure

Check the latest version!

I’m in the latest version. Always. Problems as described

Also in 0.0.3 not working…

0.0.4 not working…

0.1.1 not working… No answers, no reaction.
Do you plan to release a working version? Have you ever tested your releases before??

Confirming hokaido…
Not working on CentOS 7.9 and no manuals, no answers from the developers about how to achieve the youtube-dl and aria2 working at CentOS systems.
Seems the plugin is for Debian-based OSes only :frowning:

Devolper told me to install aria2 and youtube-dl on ubuntu. So it should work on ubuntu

if your username contains uppercase letters, you may have this issue. But the latest 0.1.1 has fixed it.

the command to install aria2 on Centos is yum install aria2


sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

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Installed these, symlinked /usr/bin <-> /usr/local/bin and gave permissions = no success

If you have already installed them but the app failed to find the binary, it could be caused by security settings of your OS. That the php function exec is disabled is one possible cause.

In the latest version 0.1.3, you can set the binary path for aria2 and youtube-dl manually.

Unfortunately still not working with 0.1.3. Aria2 installed and started, youtube-dl installed. Ubuntu. Username contains uppercase and numbers.

As always: Not working at all. Version 0.1.4.
This is crap. Not willing to try it anymore.

Developer should not puplish not working software.

Have you test this? Are the correct paths used?

Paths are correct. How can I check if php exec is disabled…?
This should be mentioned on the developer site, but nothing…