NCDownloader: Aria2 and youtube-dl not working


the app ( is not working. Aria2 and youtube-dl not installed (and not included).
How do I set this up?


You need to install Aria2 and youtube-dl in your system. apt install aria2 youtube-dl if you are using Ubuntu

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Thanks…Thats all? No more configuration?:slight_smile:

Yes. that’s all you need to do. no further configuration

Thanks, installed Aria2 and youtube-dl on ubuntu.
Http downloads => working
Youtube Downloads => not working

Saving all Downloads to /Downloads as in the presets=> not working, file cannot be found in the nextcloud file structure

Check the latest version!

I’m in the latest version. Always. Problems as described

Also in 0.0.3 not working…

0.0.4 not working…