NC29 links for apps are wrong

Hi, I have upgraded from Nextcloud 28 to NC29.0.1.
Now I find out that the links shown in the menu are wrong, for example:
The Icon for forms show to the link /index.php/settings/admin/overview

So I tried to disable the apps, and reenabled them again, but no luck. I never had this before, it started after upgrading to NC29. What can I do here to bring it back to working state?

There is an open issue tracking some other reports of this. I’ve tried to isolate the matter but not had success so far. I can’t even reproduce it. So it’s not impacting everyone.

There did initially seem to be some association with the phonetrack app, but I believe some others w/o that app have reported it.

Here’s the issue:

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Thanks, I´ll follow the discussion there

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