NC29 failed update: Index name collision

Updating to 29.0.0 with web updater ==> Failed
Updating to 29.00 with cli updater ==> Failed

Both with the same failure:
InvalidArgumentException: Index name “rd_wopi_token_idx” for table “oc_officeonline_wopi” collides with the constraint on table “oc_richdocuments_wopi”.

Currently stuck in the updater mode and can’t figure out how to either solve the collision or to ignore the collision.

Any ideas?

Sounds like you have the officeonline app installed many years ago and likely no longer have it installed (because that index was renamed in 2020). As a result your db has an old entry in it.

As long as you’re not using OO, basically this:

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Hey there.

Thank you for the response. I’ll give that a shot once I’ve set up access to the database.