NC24 User Migration Documentation

Im really excited about the new user migration. The marketing/sales pitch sounds super fantastic marketing amazing!!!

Where’s the documentation so people can actually use it?

Is this what Im looking for?

Yes. They even put a documentation for the app developers:

So probably it is not supported by all apps yet.

Can someone tell me, if the user migration is periodically re-triggered by the cron?

I’ve startet an export ~3 Days ago and its still processing (~300GB). I am wondering, if this might is a problem with my webcron, which is only called each 12 hours.

No it’s only triggered once and then it’s running until finished.
What is ~300GB, the current size of the archive? Or the data in the files app?


Is this a 32-bit instance?


No, its a Linux 5.15.80 x86_64 system :confused:

Then I don’t further ideas.

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The calculated size the export, showed up while starting the user data export.
In meantime I’ve canceled the export and startet it without files (so only calenders, …) this is 186MB and is also still running since about 2 hours.

Thanks for the infos so far! I will now try to disable the serverside encryption and decrypt the files with OCC. Afterwards I give the user migrate export another shot, if it still n ot works I will migrate manually … its a small instance, so …nevermind :ghost:

This is highly suspicious, without Files it should be quite fast. If you have access to occ you can try to start the export through occ instead to see if you have more information?