NC24 on Ubuntu 21.10 PHP8.0-fpm problem

Nextcloud is running very well for a long time on my Intel nuc with Ubuntu 21.04, apache and php8.0-fpm. Nextcloud is now on version 24.
Recently I upgraded Ubuntu to version 21.10. with ondrej ppa enabled.

For some reason I could not reach Nextcloud via Browser, (browser keeps searching/loading), and clients.
When I restart the php8.0-fpm service, then I can connect to Nextcloud for some time. But soon I have the same problem again.

I re-enabled apache php8.0 module:

 sudo a2dismod proxy_fcgi
 1996  sudo a2dismod mpm_event
 1997  sudo a2enmod mpm_prefork
 1998  sudo a2enmod php8.0
 1999  sudo systemctl restart apache2

and then Nextcloud is stable again.
I read somewhere that there is probably a problem with ‘workers’. But I do not understand what that means. Is this a settings problem?
Does someone recognize this and have a hint to a solution?
php with fpm is much faster.

Edit: I now see a message in /var/log/php8.0-fpm.log:
"WARNING: [pool www] server reached pm.max_children setting (5), consider raising it"
What setting is this, and where to find this?

Edit: I just found more information: here
I did set:

    pm.max_children = 57
    pm.start_servers = 14
    pm.min_spare_servers = 14
    pm.max_spare_servers = 42

And now I wait if the servers keeps stable.
This was the solution. Nextcloud is running again on php8.0-fpm.

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I have exactly the same problem with:

NC24 and NC24.0.1 RC1

Linux cloud 5.15.25-rockchip64
Armbian 22.02.1
Apache/2.4.38 (Debian)
PHP 8.0.18 (cli) (built: Apr 21 2022 10:47:41)

The OCC command is also blocked.

Have you tried raising the settings in www.conf?


based on the calculator that you shared, I set:


pm.max_children = 87
pm.start_servers = 21
pm.min_spare_servers = 21
pm.max_spare_servers = 64

now I wait to see if it is resolved.

thanks for the quick reply.