NC23 Sync Engine v2

One of the advertised improvements in NC23 is a Sync Engine v2 that is suppose to dramatically improve how the desktop client syncs small files.

I have NC Server 23.0.0 as well as the new NC Desktop 3.4.0 for windows, but it still seems to be syncing files slowly, one file, one connection at a time. I’m definitely not hitting any bandwidth issues on the server end or client end, as the files we are talking are less then a kb. And it of course speeds up with larger files. Is there some sort of feature I’m suppose to enable on the server? Or did this feature not make it into 3.4.0 of the desktop app?

afai understood from it it only works if you’d sync more that 1 file… as it will be packed and then sent. so even 2 files wouldn’t show you any dramatic raise, I bet.

fair enough, but I’m currently syncing 6000 files

Fast syncing only works for uploads via the desktop client to your server, afaik.

awww ok… that didn’t get clear in the beginning.

btw have you installed the neccessary additional stuff? some highspeed extra thing?

My apologies for not being clear. Szaimen could be right. I’ll have to test that.

As for a high speed thing. That’s kinda what I’m asking about :slight_smile: What thing?

I do have the push_notification app setup if that’s what you mean?