NC21 ready for production?

Just wondering if 21 is ready for production already… I’m running 20 on docker at the moment and I’m a bit wondering why I haven’t got any note about 21 being available for update yet…

Hi Stefan!

According to Nexclouds’ official website, they have listed 21.0.3 as the latest stable.

On Docker hub, they have NC 21.0.3 in the latest tag. (not stable as I wrote before)

I’d believe all should be good to go :slight_smile: Do you see any errors in your log if the instance can’t communicate with the update servers?

nope, no errors. I guess, It’s time to write a new compose file and upgrade, then :).

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I also wonder, why my docker-compose pull nextcloud does not pull the new NC21.
I did the pull and the last version I got is v20.0.11.1
(RPi with ubuntu 20.04)

Something wrong with this?

    image: nextcloud:stable
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I am actually mistaken with my statement above. Its in fact latest that has nc 21, while stable is still stuck at 20. Sorry for my oversight.

I think this is a mismatch, unless it’s a different docker image strategy in use compared to the rest. I’d deem a product stable when everyone gets an update notification, hence why it’s usually not rolled out to everyone with the first version.

Although I recommend hardcoding the versions for better version control with docker and docker compose, so in this case one can use :21.0.3 or so to define version.

Rest of the details are available on the docker hub page :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Yeah, I do pin. I got burned once really badly and barely managed to save my installation… I also customize my compose file and also my build file because I use some extensions which need additional stuff installed in the image, like files from mail.

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