NC20 Talk Browser Notifications

I have a new setup on Ubuntu 20.04 with Nextcloud 20.0.4 and Talk is on v10.0.4 with everything working great other than browser notifications.

If I have a conversation with a group or individual and I receive a message I do not hear anything and I’ve tried this functionality with Firefox and Chrome. If I am using the iOS version of the Talk app then I will receive a notification on the phone but not on the browser. I made sure to have all notifications turned on for the conversation using the three dots rather than just mentions only. I have a TURN and STUN server configured however the problem existed before the addition. I have also made sure both Firefox and Chrome allow notifications however that does not change the behavior.

If there is a downloadable app for chatting that can be used which connects with Nextcloud Talk I would greatly appreciate that as well if the notification through browsers of new messages is not supported.