NC20 Dashboard and News Feed

I recently upgraded to 20.2. Just a minor upgrade glitch which was quickly solved but I still have a couple of glitches I’m trying to figure out. One of those glitches is the News Feed on my desktop computer. When clicking on the News Feed icon the catagories start to appear, but showing some errors, which it did before upgrading. But then just the menu choices appear. Clicking on the News Feed icon a second time brings up the app with all the rss feeds. Anyone running into anything similar?

Are you sure that errors are shown or only some code fragments in the menu frame, like “{{ feed.url }}” or “{{ }}”? These messages are normal for the News app and there is no need to panic or for any activity yet.

They are most likely code fragments.

Yes these are normal for news, they are not supposed to be visible there was an attempt to fix that and make these placeholders invisible while loading but that didn’t work.

The current frontend is outdated and not maintained except automatic dependency updates.