NC20.0.5 Shared calendars with groups disappeared


Since 20.0.5, calendars previously shared by users with users groups are no longer shared.

Everyone needs then to unshare and share back again with the group(s) they want to share their calendars.

Running occ dav:remove-invalid-shares removes all the group shared calendars from everyone!

This is for calendars shared with users groups only, calendars shared with named users are not impacted.


I just noticed the same problem here with NC 20.0.5. My team don’t see the shared calendar anymore. But it seems I cannot create shares again, I don’t know why. No errors in NC and PHP logs.

I had the same issue after updating from NC 20.0.4 to 20.0.5 (with Calendar 2.1.3 now, not sure about before the update). Two calendars that I shared with the same group were still visible in the account that created them, but for none of the users in the group.
In my case I identified the issue as the group name containing a space - once I had assigned all users in that group to an additional group that did not contain a space in its name, the sharing worked again.
It seems as if a similar issue also existed in the past with group names containing a slash (Sharing Calendar Fails: Shared Calendar Does not Appear - #5 by mrw), so maybe this is also the case with other special characters in group / user names now.

Thanks @bndn and @PGM for contributing.

No space, no special characters in the group names on my side (apart accented chars, which I hope in 2021 is not the reason for this issue :nauseated_face: ).

And the workaround was just unshare and reshare the agendas with the samely named groups…

Just open this: NC20.0.5/Calendar 2.1.3: Shared calendars with groups disappeared · Issue #2826 · nextcloud/calendar · GitHub