Nc19 incompatible encoding/external storage not writable


after upgrading nc 18 to nc 19.02 we’ve problems accessing date on external smb-shares with ubuntu 16.04 LTS/php 7.3.

The users mount a personal home-directories on a windows server or access a group-share. About 30% of the users are having these problems (?). In the “personal settings/external storages” all shares are ok (green). On admin side “Security & setup warnings” is also green

Before upgrading, we’ve had no problems.

Here a typical result of a “occ files:scan --all”

Starting scan for user 15 out of 125 (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
Home storage for user xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx not writable

Starting scan for user 12 out of 125 (yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)
Entry “/yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/files/[…]Absichtserklärung_Test.doc” will not be accessible due to incompatible encoding


Encoding problems are usually related to unknown characters in a file name. Due to the fact that the mentioned file contains an “ä” character I would recommend to open a command shell and check the file name encoding. Your server should usually have been set to UTF-8.


Server, mariaDB and PHP are all UTF-8. But as I said, it worked before upgrade. I think, it’s a bug.

mariaDB database is/was in UTF8-Mode (nextcloud/config/config.php entry ‘mysql.utf8mb4’ => true)

As I mentioned before, only 30% of the users have this problem. The other ones are also using (the same) external storage via SMB and with “german umlauts”. There it works…

We’ve also the problem that some users can’t write after the upgrade to the external storage (user credits are ok!)

addendum: we’ve multiple instances of nextcloud running. I mounted an external windows storage from an other instance (ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS, nextCloud 19.0.2) as SMB / CIFS in user context.

I’m getting the message “You don’t have permission to upload or create files here” in the web-client.

I checked the permission in windows. They are ok… I my opinion that’s a bug of 19.0.x

Same problem here since upgrade to 19.x.
but …
User had a mounted external smb folder X with 3 subfolders A B and C.
User cannot create objects inside folders A B and C but can operate and sync with client if a folder or file previously existed.
User can create a new folder into mounted folder X and the permissions on windows server filesystem are the same of the other three folders!
Maybe there is some attribute in nextcloud database that can cause this situation?

New elements.
I share a folder where there are user redirected folders used and created by windows itself (it’s a RDP environment) . Folder is called “Redirected”, it contains:
I do this in order to give users access to their own files when roaming.
Well, the shared folder “Redirected” is writable, Desktop and Documents are not.
I can create other folders inside “Redirected” and they are writable and permissions are the same as other folders.
The real filesystem name “Documents” is somehow translated in italian “Documenti” and Nextcloud shows and uses the translated name “Documenti”.
In Windows I changed Documents folder type to generic bit it didn’t help.
I renamed “Documents” in “Documents.old” and Nextcloud continued to show folder as “Documenti”.
I deleted “documents.ini” but again: nothing.
It seems that smbclient cannot write inside those specific folders but they’re system created folders.
What can I check? Any ideas?

@Mauro_Campanelli @Henry51

could you guys pls check, if any recent issue would cover your problem… like in e.g.?

if yes, plse mark this thread as closed after posting the referring link from github here… if not feel free to open a new issue on github.

thanks in advance

Workaround works for me: