[NC19] How to move user data, without hickups


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First of all you need to decide what you want to achieve: are U going to expand size of your hdds? Or you want to have something like RAID 1 where data is mirrored in case one of hdds is getting broken.

Why U need sdd? To move data folder from it? If yes, then it looks a bit too small, according to your screenshot from above you have around 1.4 Tb of data, it will not fit into 200 GB sdd.

Could you please check how you are using drives now?

df -h

Then check how big is your data directory. Please replace /var/www/nextcloud with your path to the Nextcloud:

du -sh $(grep datadirectory /var/www/nextcloud/config/config.php | cut -d "'" -f4)

Basically LVM looks like this lvm_scheme_full1

How LVM works in a simple 3 steps:

  1. you initialize any drive or partition to LVM by pvcreate. You even do not need to create any partition, simply added whole drive.
  2. you will create new virtual group on selected partition vgcreate
  3. you will create new logical volume on selected virtual Group lvcreate
  4. you will create FS on a logical volume that you set with e.g. mkfs.ext4 or zfs if you need.

Now you can move data to the new volume and added new drives to expand space. This is short story… Long for example here but it is in Russian or here is in English.