NC18 Only Office on Odroid HC-1

I know this is still a ways off of being integrated into NextcloudPI but I was just wondering what the viability might be to run the full Nextcloud with OnlyOffice on an Odroid HC-1.

the document server part in nextcloud 18 is x86 only. And from what i have seen the docker versions of both collabora and only office doesnt support arm architechture.

I have been trying to install Nextcloud for odroid HC1 for days. My question
doesn’t fit the theme, but I really need a statement, to flash. Does your prepared SD card have a boot and a rootfs partition?
My flashed card only has one rootfs. But Etcher works correctly.
The device won’t start. Either the device is defective or the image file. Depending on what you tell me, I understand what do with it.
I would be very grateful for your answer.

Sorry, I don’t remember offhand which folders are on the SD Card. Could it be the SD card is defective?

I tried some of them, yet used and brand-new. And I tried with dd, susestudiowriter, usb-writer and also on another laptop with Arco-linux.
Knowing what should be on the SD card after flashing would help me a lot.

So basically for anyone running ARM architecture there is no reason at the moment to upgrade to NC 18.

Sure there is. You make it sound like the only new thing in NC18 is OnlyOffice. Which BTW was available before also :wink:

After I tried everything possible with new SD cards, including an installation of OpenMediaVault, nothing worked, I tried a new hardware Odroid HC1 today. With the help of Etcher there is again only one main directory on the SD card. The system just won’t start. The blue LED is pulsing. …- …- …-
I am totally confused. Please help me.