NC18.0.3: Calendar Sharing with groups does not work

my nextcloud 18.0.3 has an active calendar app which works fine since nc15. It was always possible to share a calendar with other users.
Yesterday I tried to share a calendar with a group. This doesn’t work. The members of the group just don’t see the calendar (with and without edit rights).
It is still possible to share the calendar with the same users individually.
Also sharing files and folders with groups works fine.

I tried to reproduce this bug with my second nextcloud 18.0.3.
But with this one, sharing calendars with groups works fine.

Is there a setting which disallows the calendar sharing with groups?
I did not find anything in my settings and via internet search.

Hello, same problem here. After an update from 19.0.3 to 19.0.8 all calendar shares with groups missing and I’m not able to set new shares with groups. Set a share directly to users is possible.

Is there a new option/setting?

Ok for me the problem was spaces in the group name. It seems that the calendar app doesn’t like groups with spaces in the name.


And same problem here with 20.0.7. Like marseb I solved the problem by renaming all groups and suppressing spaces. Not sure if this might qualified as a bug or a feature (I do not remember if spaces are really allowed in group names …).


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