NC17 not available?

Does anybody know when NC17 will be available via the updater?

I’m running NC16.0.5 at stable channel.

Nextcloud Updater - version: v16.0.3-3-ga0c2b25 dirty

Current version is 16.0.5.

No update available.

Nothing to do.

hey @ruggeda

welcome to the forum. thanks for your first posting here.
since you seem to be very new to this forum you might not have been aware of the beautiful searchfunction provided here (try the magnifying glass in the upper bar at the right) because it would give you several answers to your question.

one of it might be: switch to beta-channel and wait awhile… most prolly nc17 will be offered to you within 24 hrs, max. don’t forget to switch back to stable afterwards.

for more infos (pros and cons) pls search the forum

good luck

sorry, but the search functionality here is crap. didn’t found anything.

and hey, did I say I want to use a beta channel? especially as 17 seems to be the official release and no longer beta? isn’t marked as beta. so is it, or is it not?

thanks in advance

Yeah. It’s not an ideal situation, we know. But that’s how it is right now.

Wow, very impressive. Anybody got experiencing with the major update? Or will it crash the system like the last major updates? This time I really want to be prepared.

Usually i’m waiting for the .1 release to give the app developers time to adjust.

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surprise, the updater is failing :smiley:

it’s a common problem at every second update, would make sense to fix it some day. the updater deletes a file and then says that this file is missing.

Delete old files
core/shipped.json is not available


(OT: asking for help politely from the ppl who write code for you to use in my experience gets the best results.)
just by browsing thru the forums casually it seems to me that there are still some issues with nc17, so i, too, recommend you wait for at least nc 17.1 before upgrading from 16.x (which i do, too.)

i totally agree - backups are mandatory, especially before upgrades/system changes. OTOH, i’ve been using this software since owncloud 9 or 10 and there never were any problems upgrading (great job! i say).

you’re right, owncloud didn’t had those problems. maybe it’s the best idea to never update nextcloud again :smiley:

it’s getting more and more thrilling. after fixing all the errors and finishing the updater, it suddenly installed 16.0.6 RC1 instead of 17. is it some kind of halloween joke?

knock, knock.

:slight_smile: I guess 16.0.6 RC1 is now the current install candidate for the beta channel.


ummm no. it is as good as the values you’re giving it…

i woule even go further and wait until x.0.2

if it said it would install nc 17 and then installed nc 16.0.6rc1 it would be a bug. but who can be sure it didn’t offer you 16.0.6rc1 and you just clicked?

and i’d like to adapt my first posting here in that sense that you should give out more details about your installation if you want to have the chance of more detailed answers.
since right now your question was: “my car is blue. i can’t refill it”. and someone came up with an idea like: “yea, possibly filler neck is locked, keys could be behind the sunshade”

happy nc’ing