NC16 slower than NC15?

Hello all,

I am using a php7.3, Nginx 1.14, MariaDB 10.3 setup.
Running with 15.0.8 and a database around 90MB (60MB of this in filecache).

  • Files 3,5s
  • Contacts 4,5s
  • Calendar 5,3s

Converting DB to utf8mb4 (Emoji); DB total only 50MB now!?

  • Files 2,5s
  • Contacts 3,5s
  • Calendar 3,5s

Updating to 16.0.1 without any infrastructure adjustments.

  • Files 3,2s
  • Contacts 4,8s
  • Calendar 4,8s

So NC15 + mb4 brought significant improvement.
NC16 loosing them again.

Any Ideas?

Upgrade to HTTP/2 ?

Thank you for the suggestion

But it is already h/2 since NC15. No change here

it improved after a day. I don´t know if its related to the cache/DB to stabilise (does not make sense actually) or some cron jobs to do some cleanups.

Nothing more to do here…