NC15: Cannot delete Shared Link as Admin

Hi there,
when a normal user creates a shared link on a publicly available external share folder, even an Admin user cannot delete it after. (The three dots to unshare are missing)
Personal shares such as Public Mail shares can be deleted
Is this by design? How do I delete the share without logging in as the particular user?

Let me know if you need more infos/logs.

I did further testing on a new instance and it turns out it is not dependent on the external shares. Usual reshares are affected as well.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. As admin, create a testgroup and a testuser which is member of this group
  2. also as admin, Create a folder in your directory among with a subfolder and some files
  3. Share this root folder with the testgroup, and select “can reshare”
  4. Login as testuser and share content within this folder via link
  5. As admin (and owner of the folder) you cannot revoke the share set up by the testuser


There are problems with social sharing apps in nextcloud, please search the forum, maybe it is the reason.

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We noticed the same behaviour. Did you find a solution for this painful issue?

Not really. Had to enforce expiration date for public shares to circumvent this issue for now.

I reported the issue: