NC13 web update to 14.0.1: occ is not up-to-date

Hi all,

I’ve used web-updater to update my obsolete 13.0.0 version, on Administration page I’ve got that version to install is 13.0.1, but then after page reloaded there were stated, that version 14.0.1 is installing… okay, that’s better! After update was finished I’ve seen two warnings in administration area:

  1. run occ db:add-missing-indices,
  2. something with Http-Refferer.

Okay, but when I went to occ and started it I’ve seen an error:

Command “db:add-missing-indices” is not defined.
Did you mean one of these?

when I tried to run occ status I’ve seen:

  • installed: true
  • version:
  • versionstring: 11.0.2
  • edition:

Wow! That was cool… Does it mean web-updater doesn’t update occ itself?
And what should I do in this particular situation?

I’ve examined config.php and found, that version is set there

‘version’ => ‘’,

Does it mean, that web-updater doesn’t update config.php?