NC12: occ maintenance:singleuser no more available?

Feature or bug?

# sudo -u www-data /var/www/nextcloud/occ maintenance:singleuser --on

  Command "maintenance:singleuser" is not defined.                
  Did you mean one of these?                                      
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  • Added ‘singleuser’ => true,’ to config.php
  • Restart of apache

Does not work. User without admin rights can login …


  • Have a completely missconfigured NC 12.0.0 with about 20 users.
  • Installed now a fresh VM from
  • Don’t want to migrate the waste in the old database
  • Calendar and Address book had bugs in the DB. This I want to create new from attached clients (i.e. Android Davdroid, Thunderbird)
  • Calendar and Address book are only used by me, not by the users (I hope). So for me I would get it working I think.

What I want:

  • Creating all users with their passwords and e-mail-addresses
  • Restore their data - they may not have synchronization problems
  • Restore users group memberships

For that I just exported these data with phpMySqladmin:


Any table else usable for my migration? Remember: I have shit in the DB which I want to leave behind me … :wink:

Created a new topic for above problems: NC restore without complete database

But this one “maintenance:singleuser” ist still open!

@MorrisJobke wrote four (!) months ago:

it seems that this feature is not used at all so I removed it.

Thanks for clarification @anon99252149!

But how can I now start the NC without maintenance mode and only login for an Admin?

  • Deactivating all users via occ while in maintenance mode?
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