NC11 / Share with users, groups or by Mail not working anymore

Hi everyone,

first my system:
Nextcloud: 11.0.0
OS: Debian 8.6
PHP: 7.0.14
Database: mysql
Version: 5.5.53


After the upgrade from NC10 to 11 i am unable to share my folders / files with users on the same cloud.
I click the “share”-button and want to share a folder with some users. Here you should be able to insert a username or his mail and you can select the user but after the upgrade i am missing this Feature.
There are no logs and the Option “allow username autocompletion in share Dialog…” is active.
Do you encounter the same issue with your NC11?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

When i am trying to share the file with an users who do not have an account yet, the cloud answers with no user or group found…
So NC has to know that the username “admfuchs” is valid but does not give me the option to add him to the share.

Sounds like there is a bug report already opened:


Yes, thats my bug report.
In the meanwhile i did a downgrade from 11.0.0 to 10.0.2 to temporarily solve the Problem.