Nc11 / gallery app

Hello Community

My first post, so first of all: thank you very much for your great work, nc is awesome.

Three questions regarding the gallery app:

  1. I’m confused about the versions: the app delivered with nc11 is v. 16.0.0. Is it the same as the gallery+ 15.1.1? Or is there another “plus” version that I can’t find anywhere?

  2. In my slideshwo all images are renderd to 200x300 px – could anybody give me a hint where to configure the image size?

  3. I followed the instructions concerning gallery.cnf as described in the docs – but there is no effect at all :frowning:

Any help or hint is very much apreciated!

best regards bormay


  1. It is a bit confusing, the current master-branch of the gallery app is supposed to work with the current master branch of nextcloud, which is a development version and should not be used in production. Over the time gallery gets some new functions, and gallery+ is an app that backports some nice features for older versions. Normally you should be able to install the suitable version directly via the app-store.

Hi and thanks for your quick reply. I really don’t understand if it is an answer or a clarification of my question…let’s see:

v. 16.0.0, right?

nc11, right?

nc11 or gallery 16?

which one should instead?

okay, so if I work with the latestes releases there is no need for the +version, correct?

This worked fine, but I was looking – unnecessarily, as it seems for now – for v.16 of gallery+

So question 1 is solved. Perfect. Should I post 2 and 3 in different threads?

Thanks to all and best regards

At some point NC 11 was branched off the master branch as “stable 11”. All the current changes in “master” will become part of NC 12.

The gallery app follows a bit this model, the current “master” branch will be the new gallery app for NC 12. In the releases, you see a version v11.0.0 ( which is probably the one shipped in NC 11. In my app overview in NC 11, the version number of the gallery app is 16.0.0. I don’t know why, I would suppose they are the same. Here we need to ask @oparoz

Regarding you other questions, I haven’t tested so far. You probably know the wiki in the git-repo ( And in general, it is better to ask different questions in different topics.

It’s because Gallery evolves at a different pace

Okay so gallery 16.0.0 is the most current fully functional gallery app for nc 11 and gallery+ 16 will be the backport of gallery(nonplus) 16 for nc 10?

As gallery+ 15.1.1 is the most current “+” one, I guess it’s the gallery(nonplus) 15 backport for nc 9.x?

As, there it is also clarified in the release topic :smiley: ;

This was also confusing for me until now. Good to know :+1: