NC11 can't get federated sharing to work

I am trying to set up cloud federation between a couple servers, however it is not working at all. I have the application enabled in the server on both machines, and each machine is pointing to “” and the other “”. The icon stays at yellow. I have tried between 3 servers, just to confirm the first 2 are messed up.

So far, between server 1 and server 2 I get a 400 code with a Bad request (GuzzleHttp\Exception\ClientException) on server1, and on server2 I get "remote server ( dind’t send a valid token hile getting shared secret, and before that I got “No server to federate with found”

So I threw in server3 and had it connect to each of these servers, it still remains on the yellow light and nothing is showing up in the logs for either of the 3 machines in the logs. What gives? I thought this was a huge feature point of NC but all of this is failing without a hitch

Firewall? What kind of systems are you using? What URL do you request to get a 400 error code?

Unless federation operates outside of 80/443, then no there shouldn’t be a firewall problem. The machines in target are LAMP servers running Ubuntu 16.04, the third machine I threw in to test too is Raspbian on a Pi 3. I’m not sure what you mean by what I request, all I’m doing is going to the admin panel of NC and I type in the domain names of the other server as trusted and the icon just remains yellow. I see the 400 error in my logs however if that’s what you meant

Can you try to use a demo server:

There have been some reports before but the problem wasn’t identified:

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This time I am not getting any errors. Nothing is happening in my logs, but the icon remains yellow

I couldn’t get Federation working between two NC11 servers.

On “server1”, I was able to add the URL for “server2”, but it has a yellow icon.

On “server2”, when I tried to add URL for “server1”, I got: “No server to federate with found” (not sure if this is proper English??)

Now I’ve upgraded both servers to NC12, they still show the same things.