NC + Vue + Webpack + Vue Devtools

I’m trying to write app for NC using Vue Cli + Webpack Cli and can’t figure out how to setup dev environment to use Vue Devtools. I’m’ always getting message “Vue.js not detected”.
Can some one point me to right direction. What plugin or conf line should I use


A common missing piece is that NODE_ENV is not properly set to development. See for details on how to do that with Vue CLI.

Regarding the webpack config in general you might want to checkout and

juliushaertl thank you for reply

I saw “vueexample” app and buil it for dev. But vue devtools still say me that vue.js not detected. And my webpack conf mostly the same as in “vueexample” app.

If I have right anderstanding It’s becouse vue.js inside generated app.js that appears after build-js(dev) command. May be I should exclude vue from package.json and add link to vue.js from like CDN in my template? But I think It’s not best way to strat working with vue devtools and nc.

I’m interesting who and how debugin NC+Vue app with Vue Devtools.

The Firefox addon is broken. Try Chrome/Chromium for development with Vue

didn’t expect this from FF
yep, In chrome all works fine.

Thank you!