NC Update with docker - won't work in docker

I know there are tones of post about update a container in docker!

I run nc19.0.4 on my synology docker, some time ago I donwloaded this specific 19.0.4 version of nc and not the latest one. In nextcloud I see the latest nc version is 19.0.5.
I need to update the container to get a version 20.0.x, right?

If I follow the step, donload the latest version from registry, then stop the container, then clear data, then restart the container, it still shows me the version 19.0.4 instead of latest or 19.0.5.

So how can I update to 19.0.5 or even to the latest version 20.0.x?

Thanks for the help

With docker-compose the update is very simple… You just change the version number and run:

docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

With Synology I really don’t know. A lot of people seem to have odd issues with it. Are you saying Docker doesn’t find a 19.0.5 image?

19.0.4 is runing, so I download 19.0.5 (I can see it and it is dwonlaoding the image), then I stop 19.0.4, clear the data and then restart the container. And then it keeps to 19.0.4 instead of runing the 19.0.5 version.

Because the version 19.0.4 was then when I installed it not the latest version. I can imagin that is the reason why it is not updating properly.

I’m sorry if I’m not clear enough :frowning:

Well… again I can’t speak to Synology… but from knowing how Docker operates, it isn’t enough to have simply downloaded the image. For example if I have 19.0.5 running and I have Docker pull the 20.0.2 image, that has no effect on the container already running 19.0.5. The container has to be rebuilt with the new image.

Maybe someone who knows Synology can chime in.

i guess you should start the image “nextcloud:latest” instead of restart your container nextcloud:19.0.4.

which button did you click:
image start

or container “restart”

I pressed restart, that what I understoud.
If I press start in “abbild” the I will create a new Container with the latest version. This actualy works for me, but it is not the “right” way to update a runing container, isn’t it?

it is.

the container is created from the image. restart will always use the same image.

if you stop the container the processes will be killed. but if you start/restart the same processes will be started again.

a container is not a virtual machine. it’s more a bunch of processes based on chroot filesystem.

the image contains this filesystem. that you have to change by starting a container based on the new image (chroot filesystem).