NC + Thunderbird/Lightning: huge lag when creating new events


I’ve been using the combination NC + Thunderbird/Lightning for quite some time now, and overall it has always been a good combination. But recently, I’m experiencing an enormous delay after I hit “close and save” when I create a new event in Lightning.

The server’s hardware: Banana Pi
The server’s software: Armbian Buster, NGinx, MariaDB, php7.3, NC (now: 17.0.2.)

A typical LEMP installation, and every component is as recent as found in the repositories.

Clients: Linux with TB (68.2.2/64) + Lightning, and several Android devices.

The Linux PC and the Banana Pi server are inside the same cabled network at my home.

In the past, I could create a new event in Lightning, hit “close and save”, and the event was there to see in Lightning. Nowadays, after I hit “close and save”, it takes up to 15 seconds, until the event is shown in Lightning. During this time, Lightning is sending this event to NC, I assume.

This only happens with events. Tasks, on the other hand, still are show as soon as I hit “save”.

I am not 100% sure, when this lag occurred for the first time, but it did not happen when I was still using Bananian as the server’s operating system, php5 and older versions of NC. I switched to Armbian, because Bananian is dead, and I needed newer PHP for newer versions of NC.

Some time after this switch I noticed this lag. A I said before: I am not sure, when is happened the first time. It is possible, that the first version of NC that I used on the new system and the Thunderbird of those days (version 60.x) were harmonizing perfectly.

I am now trying to find out the cause for this lag. Possible contestants are:

  • the OS itself
  • php > 5
  • Nginx
  • NC version > 14
  • TB/Lightning > 60

I already checked the logs: neither MariaDB, not Nginx show any errors or warning.

If anyone has any idea how to get to the bottom of this, or if any one has similar experiences, I would appreciate any hint and any help is very much welcome!