NC thinks 360 GB available but my shared hosting account only has 50

Hello community! I installed NC on a shared hosting plan, where I get 50 GB of space. Thing is, my Nextcloud instance seems to think it’s allowed to use the total space available on my hosting company’s server, because it says I have over 360 GB available.

I’m worried that it’s gonna start using more and more gigabytes for file versioning, logs or trash bins now, filling up the space I actually have in my hosting account.

Is there a way to tell Nextcloud that it’s only got 50 GB available?

You can set a quota in the nextcloud user/group settings

Note: This is a user-quota, so if Adam gets 25 GB and Eve gets 25 GB as a limitation it should be fine. Nextcloud itself and other data like backups or apps also take data, so you should set smaller limitations (e.g. 45 GB).