NC theme ftp via Filezilla


Using Filezilla, I am trying to upload a theme for NextCloud to the /vaw/www/nextcloud directory. However, when navigating from www to nextcloud, Filezilla reports permission is denied.

I realize this may be a very simple issue, but I’m stumped as I have never done it, before.

Could anyone assist?

Thank you!

The ftp user needs have write access to the folder.
Normally the webserver user is not usable for ftp connections.

Solution: Copy files to tmp directory and then place them in correct location by ssh and take care of file owner and permissions.

Thank you very much. I was able to successfully FTP to the tmp directory. I believe I can follow up from that point.

I was starting to believe I ask questions people don’t necessarily wish to both with. I very much appreciate the advice. Thank you!

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