Nc talk notification android

If I get a message with talk-app I get a notification on android and within the link “view chat”. When I click that link I’m redirected to my browser nextcloud link instead of being redirected to the talk app.
Can I change this somehow? And as I suppose it’s an error - will that be changed sometime?

Seems like your talk app is not correctly set up then, because otherwise you would receive talk related push notifications in the talk app only and they open the chat on tab.

Did you maybe install from f-droid instead of google play?

I was having the same issue and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app numerous times with no luck. Every time I would uninstall I would first log out. Then uninstall and reboot the phone before reinstalling the app and it remembered my account every time.

What did the trick for me was to logout and kill the app, go into the app storage and flush its cache. Then log back in to the app. Then it started working.