Nc-snapshot-sync wont do anything

So I have 2 Odroid HC2s set up in different places.

I use Odroid A as my cloud server, running a nextcloudpi installation which is working like a charm.

Now to be safe, I want to to use the Periodic BTRFS Snapshot strategy introduced in this article by nachoparker.

So far I have done the following:

  • The Nextcloud data directory is on a btrfs file system
  • I used ssh-keygen from the root user of my debian installation on the main Odroid
  • I created a user called “ncp” on the backup Odroid (which is running on debian aswell) and copied the ssh certificate from the main Odroid to the backup Odroid using ssh-copy-id. I tested it after and it worked. I can login without any password.

Now I tried to enable nc-snapshot-sync and I do not get any error messages, but no files are appearing in my backup Odroid. What am I doing wrong?

This is a screenshot of my settings: