Nc-snapshot: dest-dir of btrfs-snp correct?

Hi all,

I recently decided to give btrfs snapshots a try, but it failed:

nc-snapshot (LIMIT=4), called from ncp-config, gives me the following

Running nc-snapshot
Maintenance mode enabled
Nextcloud is in maintenance mode - no apps have been loaded
ERROR: not a btrfs filesystem: /media/ncpdata/…/ncp-snapshots
Maintenance mode disabled
Done. Press any key…

which makes sense, right?

/media/ncpdata/ncdata is my data directory
/media/ncpdata is the mount point of my data partition

Now btrfs-snp tries to create a snapshot in /media/ncp-snapshots which is not located in my data partition.

When I manually run
btrfs-snp /media/ncpdata manual 4 0 ./ncp-snapshots
it works.

Shouldn’t the btrfs-snp [dest-dir]-argument in and be ./ncp-snapshots in order to work?

I know that I can fix that manually, just wanted to check if I configured something wrong. Plus: maybe the next update overwrites my changes …

Thanks in advance!

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I’m having exact same problem.
@lotiolentus did you find any solution/fix?

use nc-datadir to move your datadir to /media/USBdrive/ncdata

it was already there:

I cloud fix the error now by making and then restoring a complete (incl data) backup of my instance.
Now snapshots are working fine, with correct dir (with ncdata in front of that nasty /…/ – so it equals the correct path now: /media/USBdrive/ncp-snapshots/ )

Apparently I forgot to create a BTRFS subvolume for my data directory.
I ran nc-datadir as suggested by nacho and it did the trick for me.