Nc-scan how does it works?

Hi there!

I’m running NCP on raspberry pi 4 and it’s very cool!

I’m wondering how the command nc-scan works!

Is it possible to use the hdd connected to Raspberry as normal external drive and say to NCP to use some new directory as datadir?

Can be used for put fisically large files in the hhd and then with nc-scan appears in the NC istance?

In the web I found only issue and no explanation…

Thanks for the time :pray:

That’s not what the scan function does. It reconciles the database with what’s physically on disk in case someone has (misguidedly) been messing with the data files.

So what can you do… either

  • a.) Move the entire data folder to another disk
  • b.) Mount the other disk as external storage which makes it appear as another folder in Nextcloud

ok, thanks but is there an option to use the hhd to put some large files with a computer like a normal use and then re-put it in the nextcloud device (raspberry, docker,…)?